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map highlights Nunavat region of Canada's northern Arctic | with ajoining area of North West Territories | Hudson Bay and Labrador all with southern borders with Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario

"Aataa" is a Siglit Inuvialuit word.  Aataa means, "took it from one place to another".

In other words: is a forum for Arctic meta-communication, ie. communicating about native-indigenous Arctic communications modes - through · words · pictures · icons · artwork · 1st nations languages.

The website is about sharing.  Sharing stories, ideas, poems, information, languages, culture, art, literature, history, trading, selling and inspiring others is what aataa is about.

Who is  About Us.

Aataa's editorial board of reference includes:  writers, poets, teachers, librarians, information management specialists and web publishers.

  • AATAA.INFO's founding publisher E. Kolausok, is based in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada

    Eddie Kolausok is a well known Canadian native author and poet and has published award winning, critically acclaimed books such as Aurora Shining and Call Me Ishmael
    "Eddie Kolausok is also a contributing columnist about Canada's arctic in one of the first web magazines for librarians and archivists ISSN 1203-8954 his column is titled "No sweat in the Arctic: Canada Arctic Adventures and Stories"

  • friends of the north including R. Gibson, former MacKenzie River supply boat engine room specialist, former college instructor at Aurora college, in Inuvik, NWT; specialist in child care and adult education as well as corporate information records consultant for companies-manufacturers doing business in Canada's north.
  • Cartographer and Mapmaker Consultant, Angus Weller, see Angus is a pioneer of digital map making technology and has had his maps in print version for over 20 years, covering countries and cities around the world, as well as cities and regions-provinces across Canada.
  • Web site design, publishing and marketing for this site is sponsored by NetPac Communications Ltd. a group that has been assisting specialty libraries-archives-writers & specialty business professionals and corporations develop cost effective web identities and marketing campaigns since 1995, when the Internet's WWW World Wide Web was young.
    How many people remember the early beta versions of Mosaic Web browser? or the pioneer Trumpet TCPIP software?
  • Creative Consultants for Aataa also include Dr. John Evans, in Papua New Guinea whose work at promoting the culture and information of the PNG peoples is well known in the international library development community as is his work with the digital library of research level books articles and useful information about Papua New Guinea, which started its publication web site in 1998 after early work in 1995 with Provenance Archives
  • Dr. Q. Reilly from in the South Pacific for his quiet strengthening moral support.
  • We would like to acknowledge the early inspirational support provided by members of Canada's International Development Research Centre, as well as the former head of Canada's National Library and the staff at the Australian National Archives

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Some content on this site as well as links to other web sites / web pages are given as a public service. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of information on sites that we link to - however - at the time the links were/are made our editors have made a decision that the information is "useful" and "interesting" for web viewers seeking other sources of information about some aspect of Canada's Arctic people, culture and life.

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